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~The Basics of Potion Making~
Many have heard of potions but aren’t sure about the making of a potion and what it Intel’s. a potion may represent an abstract quality, or inspire the mind to some significant awareness, or sooth the body to a state of well being, according to their concoction. When making a potion one has to put into account the meaning and use of the herbs used in the creation.
The creation of a potion can be as simple as making tea to as difficult as baking a soufflé . With potions there is an array of ingredients and magical correspondences one can use.
•Herbs -medicinal qualities  -magical qualities  •crystals •alcohol  •water •tinctures  • time of day •day of the week •planetary correspondences  •elemental correspondences  •lunar phase
 There are a few different directions you can go in the making of a potion.
Tincture (Philters) potion
First crush the herb material with a mortar and pestle .
With the creation of a tincture you use a large mason jar and fill it 3/4 full of the chosen herbs then full the remaining space with 70 proof alcohol (vodka or rum). Then keep in a dark place for two weeks shaking it twice daily. After the two weeks strain out the plant matter and keep the remaining liquid in a dark bottle.
~when you wish to use it. Use a dropper and mix 2 drops of the condensed liquid to a cup of distilled water.
 Crystal Elixir  You can make a crystal elixir in your water bottle for the day for example for healing your can add amethyst, carnelian and agate or you can add crystals to your herbal potions the same way as the water method. Tho you can’t add any crystal because some crystals are poisonous, I suggest that you do thorough research on the crystals you choose to use. So you don’t accidentally Poison your self.  –Steep a stone in water for a measured amount of time in sunlight or moon light. You may leave the stone in the liquid and renew the fluid as necessary. Make sure the stone is scrubbed clean and rinsed well before you use it. Also make sure you have cleansed the stone of any foreign energy by any chosen method.
 Herbal Elixir –An herbal elixir is a liquid that contains properties of planetary energies, because of the inclusion of herbs possessing the chosen plants equivalent vibrations. In an elixir, the herbs are blended with the physical, astral, and spiritual which all three levels are balanced. Thus all three are affected when the elixir is used. An alcohol based substance such as brandy in which you will place the herbs to extract the “sulphur” (astral qualities of the herb).
-How To: —Place 1 pint of brandy in a small enamel or glass sausepan and bring to a simmer. Simmer with the pan covered until you have reduced the liquid alcohol by half. Then turn the heat off.
—Pour the reduced alcohol into a dark, wide mouth jar. Now add 1/2 cup of your chosen dried herbs or 1 cup fresh herbs to the reduced alcohol in the jar and seal it. The alcohol is considered “mercury” (spiritual qualities of the herbs used)
—Keep the herbs and alcohol in your sealed jar in a slightly warm place for about 2 weeks.
—At this point strain the mixture until it is clear and has no particles of herb left in it.
— take the herbs that you have strained out for the last step in the process( store in a dark wide mouth jar) allow the herbs to completely dry . This may take a few days. When they are dry, place them in a fire resistant dish and ignite them. Allow the herbs to burn to ash.
–Next place the ashes in their fire resistant dish over the low flame of a Bunsen burner and heat the ashes to a red glow while grinding them occasionally. This produces “salt” (Physical qualities of the herb)
–mix the “salt” back into the liquid in your dark jar and store the mixture again in its worm place. Let it sit for another 2 weeks.
–after that time, pour the liquid off, leaving the solid matter in the jar and seal it.  –allow it to sit another 2 weeks then open the jar and allow any moisture to evaporate.  –after the elixir completely drys scrape it into an air tight container.
—you can certainly save the liquid that you removed from the solid matter and use it in a bath, or discard it, you may pour it into a running stream to disperse your desires into the univers.
~when you wish to use the elixir , mix 1/4 tsp of dry elixir with 2 cups water and take it internally over a weeks period prior to your magical working.
 Fluid condensers  An herbal condenser is not dimple to prepare than an elixir but can be used in similar ways.
–first take a large handful of an herb or herbal combination and place it in a small glass or enamel pot. Cover the herbs with distilled water.  –let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes with the pot covered. Turn off the heat and allow your mixture to cool, leavening the pot covered.  –when it is cool, strain out the herbs and return the liquid to the pot again. Summer with the lid on until the liquid has boiled down to Half.  – cool the liquid again and mix it with grain alcohol equal to the volume of the liquid.  –now add 10 flakes of gold and stir.  Bottle it in a dark amber or blue bottle to keep any light from touching the liquid and store in a cool dark place.
~when your wish to use the condenser, shake it first, then drink a liqueur glass full each day for a week prior to your rite.
—When you wish to begin your potion making I suggest that you put lots of thought into your process, so you can work the herbs powers to there extent. The day , the time, the amount, and the season all play rolls in this art.
 • if there are any questions my ask is always open.
~The Darkest of Lights
 Sources: Arin Murphy Hiscock Scott Cunningham  Karen Harrison Ann Moura
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Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.
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